Concealed Carry Classes Houston Texas License

If you want to get a Concealed Carry Classes Houston and are wondering how to take concealed carry classes in Houston and how to get a concealed carry license, this article is definitely for you.

Concealed carry classes Houston:

To receive a concealed handgun license in Houston, you must first complete the Concealed carry course. The course involves 4-6 hours of classroom instruction, a written test with 25 questions, and a 50-round shooting qualification (shooting proficiency is NOT part of the 4-6 hours). Classroom teaching will teach you the laws governing when you can and cannot carry your handgun, when you can and cannot use it to defend yourself, your obligations for safe storage, non-violent conflict resolution, and much more! This class does not teach you how to shoot correctly; you MUST be skilled before taking this session.

Concealed Carry Classes Houston

The Process for Enrolling in Concealed Carry classes in Houston:

What to do before taking your Concealed carry classes in Houston:

  • Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety


  • You can also register for concealed Carry Classes Houston online. You will enter all relevant information into the application. Then you can select any course that interests you and pay for it online to reserve your seat.
  • If you opt to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety, you will fill out the form and pay the state’s application fee. Make a copy of the bar-coded checklist. Fill out the LTC 16 form. Sign up for fingerprinting. Practice shooting at targets with your firearm.

What you must bring to your Concealed carry classes in Houston:

  • Pistol
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Wear closed-toe shoes
  • Wear a baseball cap or a visor
  • A black ink pen
  • Your current driver’s license
  • NO low-cut shirts/blouses

Shooting Proficiency Test:

  • 50 rounds shot from 3 different distances at a B-27 silhouette target
  • 20 rounds fired at 9 ft
  • 20 rounds fired at 21 ft
  • 10 rounds fired at 45 ft

Please understand that the Concealed carry class in Houston does not include instruction on how to operate your handgun. You are expected to be proficient prior to attending class. If you are unsure of your shooting abilities or unfamiliar with the firearm you intend to use, you may consider taking a private lesson prior to attending class.

NOTE: Due to limited classroom space and availability students must register in advance.

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