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Concealed Carry classes in Amarillo are proud of the classes it offers. The LTC programs it offers are comprehensive and cover all of the knowledge required to obtain your handgun license. You will be able to confidently and effectively apply for your LTC between the time you begin reading our website and the completion of your program. Taking a Texas LTC program and studying the laws of Texas will assist keep you from unintentionally committing a crime while carrying your weapon.

Texas law allows residents, once licensed, to carry a handgun concealed or openly if holstered in a belt or shoulder holster for self-defense. The State of Texas mandates a FOUR TO SIX HOUR Licensed to Carry Handgun Certification Course that covers the Use of Force, Gun Safety, Gun Storage, Dispute Resolution, and Texas statutes regulating the use of force as a defense and licensing requirements.

What is a Texas License to carry a “concealed handgun license?”  

A concealed handgun license (CHL), currently known as a License to Carry (LTC), allows a person to carry a concealed or openly carried firearm wherever it is legal.

Why take Concealed Carry Classes in Amarillo?

Even if you do not intend to carry a firearm, if you own one in Texas, attending concealed carry classes in Amarillo will provide you with the requisite knowledge of Texas laws concerning weapons, the Use of Force, and the Use of Deadly Force.

License to carry Amarillo - Concealed Carry Amarillo - Concealed Carry Classes in Amarillo

In Texas, the only way to obtain a CHL/LTC is to enroll in an approved LTC course. In the program, you will study the regulations surrounding hidden or openly carried handguns, as well as the knowledge required to lawfully carry a weapon in Texas. You will also learn the fundamentals of shooting and demonstrate your skill with your firearm. An LTC will also exempt you from the required background check when acquiring a firearm, making the procedure faster and easier.

Can you open carry in Amarillo Texas?

Yes, Yes under Texas State Law, Amarillo can Constitutional Carry / Permitless Carry

Can you take an online concealed carry class in Texas?

Yes, Our Concealed Carry Class now known as Texas License to Carry can be taken Online. 110% DPS approved, 4 hours, and cheapest in the state at $40.

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