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Texas LTC Questions and Answers / Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Constitutional / Permitless / Open Carry is permitted in Texas

Texas License to Carry (Formally Texas Concealed Carry) is issued by Texas (DPS) Department of Public Safety.

Your Initial license is valid for four years. Texas License to Carry Renewal Licenses are valid for five years

Yes, Texas recognizes Constitutional / Permitless Carry

Texas Concealed Carry Requirements are You must be at least 21 years old (18 if Active-Duty Military), have a valid government-issued identification card (such as driver’s license from Texas), and meet all qualifications to purchase handguns. You can take an approved classroom or online training course that will teach you about the safety rules for carrying one.

Yes, you can reference the Motorist Protection Act for more details

This depends on the instructor; it can range anywhere from $75 to $150 dollars. That is why we built the online version for the working family. Our class is on$40. We are the most affordable in the state.

Yes, minus Range Portion of training if needed, and getting fingerprints / Passport photos done. Everything can be taught online at your own pace with our Texas License to Carry Class LTC CHL. You can go to the Texas Department of Public Safety website here to start your Texas License to Carry Application. Everything these days is submitted online, though there is an option to mail some things in but DPS frowns on that.

No Active-Duty Military get the same rights as any other Texan. They can open carry if the wish (NOT ON BASE, DIFFERENT LAWS THERE). I highly encourage active duty get their License to Carry Concealed Carry Texas though. Texas is a very Military friendly state. Active-Duty members pay $0 for the LTC License. All they pay for is the class (Ours is online and $40) and their fingerprints / passport photo.

No, you do not have to take a class for Texas Constitutional Carry, but I highly recommend taking the Texas Online LTC, or at least do your research, learn the laws, and protect yourself from liability.

In-person classes can range from 8-12 hours depending on instructor. Our Online course is a minimum of 4 hours for the Texas LTC Class.

Given that legislature voted for the change of the Concealed Handgun License (Concealed Carry) to License to Carry Texas. One could argue that with a vote it could be changed. Given that a lot of time and money was spent to change to LTC from a CHL. So highly unlikely that things will change anytime soon. Others reference a Texas DPS Handgun License also but they all are a Texas License to Carry.

Take our Online Class – 4 Hours

Range – 1-2 hours

Fingerprints 30 minutes

However long it takes you to fill out the paperwork and payment online

Then about 8 weeks for License to Carry to mail to you.

Now Texas issues a Texas License to Carry, in the past it was a Texas Concealed Carry through training of a Texas Concealed Carry Course.

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