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Arlington Gun Laws

Arlington is one of the amazing places in Texas that has strict gun laws, among other cities like Houston and San Antonio. Conceal carry of firearms is quite illegal in Arlington while the law only allows people to openly carry their handguns in a holster. Of course, like every other city, there is a recognized age for legal possession of a handgun, and it is 21years of age, and 18years in exceptional cases and sometimes, people are not permitted to carry firearms in certain areas. Read on to understand Arlington License to Carry laws, procedures and effective online carry courses for Arlington, Texas.

Legally Owning a Handgun in Arlington

To lawfully be in possession of a gun in Arlington does not require much legally. Since there is no law that emphasizes that firearms must be registered in Arlington, people can possess firearms and choose to keep them concealed in public places or not, and not be held accountable. However, in Arlington and Texas, it is very important for every citizen to always have a permit for any concealed firearm in their possession because failure to do so is lawfully considered a crime.

Owning a gun in Arlington is quite simple provided such an individual has no criminal records. They are not obligated to provide any document regarding where they got the firearm, and the registration of the firearm is not mandatory.

Arlington (Texas) Carry Laws

Arlington is considered to be a shall-issue state, and for people living there, their application forms for a handgun license go through the circuit court of the state which they reside in while those not living there are required to send their application through mail to the state police department.   If a law enforcement agent stops any individual and they believe that the individual is having a handgun, be it open or concealed, such an individual will have to face strict charges and prosecutions.  At some other times, the concealed carry by an individual might have been done by mistake, nevertheless, the police officer will not rush into giving anyone in this situation any benefit of doubt. 

Being fully aware of the attitude of the law enforcement agents towards the handling and usage of guns, a good lawyer who is deeply grounded with the gun laws of Texas must be contacted whenever there’s a case which relates to breaking a gun law in Arlington. That being stated, anyone with such charges is advised to quickly look for legal counsel that will help manage the penalties of breaking any gun law.  

Even though Texas gun laws have not been changed or adjusted recently, it is necessary for citizens of the county to be fully conscious of every single law governing the environment, not only gun laws. Technology has brought the internet as a reliable information source and it’s been saving a lot of people, while helping them to avoid issues that have anything to do with handguns. But it is also necessary that everyone getting information from the internet needs to ensure that the information is valid and accurate.   For example, The Texas State Police has done its best online to make helpful content that regards gun laws. Thus, any legal website which has been created by the Arlington Police, Texas State Police, or others can be trusted as a reliable source of information for the masses.

On the other hand, it is required that if anyone goes through all the online pages and sources of information, and at the end of the day, still has one uncertainty/confusion or the other, it is totally advised that such an individual seeks the actual professional help of a good lawyer.

Carrying a Handgun by Out of State Citizens

There are lots of jurisdictions established in the United States that work with gun registration/laws, but Texas does not have that. Anyone is allowed to simply declare firearms and not required to carry out any rules once they move into Texas. But in a situation where anyone decides to get a license to carry concealed weapons is not required to do anything, in particular, to declare guns once they move into Texas. However, when anyone chooses to completely begin to carry a concealed firearm, such a person must first check the lawful requirements of the environment to process one, or if they had one in their previous city, check if the current place accepts reciprocity of license to carry firearms from other regions.

In Arlington and the whole of Texas, an out of state concealed weapons permit is considered valid in Texas, but there are many people in the state legislature and other parts of the government who strongly believe that that should not be the case. They think that if a person is going to carry a concealed weapon in Texas, the person should have a Texas Concealed Weapons Permit. Ultimately, it is very important that individuals who are new to the area, as well as long-time residents pay close attention to the current status and laws within the state of Texas.

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What Can Be Said About the Prevalence of Firearms in Arlington?

When talking about the prevalence of firearms and criminal cases relating to gun usages in Arlington and the whole Texas, it is very necessary for citizens to be aware of the aftermath of any criminal act that is committed by the use of firearms. This is because if anyone breaks the laws around the usage of guns, they are going to face the applicable charges involved and according to their offenses. This is an issue that is considered serious in Arlington.

If anyone gets convicted of both a criminal offense and an illegal usage of a gun to execute their crime, their charges will be much more severe because it is a double felony, and each offense will get stacked upon another until their punishment gets decided by the law.

General Usage of Guns in Arlington

Different people have different reasons why they desire to possess firearms. Most times, these reasons are legally accepted and legitimate. The hunting game is a very common game, and it is widely practiced in Arlington and the whole of Texas. Also, we see individuals who love visiting target range practice. Some people request for possession of firearms as a safety measure and self-defense in case of robbery or house invasion.

As earlier said, there are lots of legally acceptable reasons for one to request for the possession of firearms. However, it is vital to note that firearms are quite dangerous as they are often the most frequently used weapon to commit violent offenses. Also, people who are convicted on grounds related to the use of firearms to commit an offense, will be charged with harsh penalties. This is why it is always advised that in situations such as this, lawyers who are well vested with the gun laws and practices as constituted in Arlington and Texas should be contacted immediately to represent anyone who is accused for any firearms related crime.

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

In Arlington, there are some restrictions concerning individuals who can and cannot own a firearm. Such restrictions could be seen in cases of individuals with past criminal records or individuals who have previously been convicted for committing a felony. Apart from such reasons, there are other reasons that could temporarily or permanently restrict an individual from being in possession of a firearm as they desire.

In any case where an individual has been issued a restraining order for abuse of their family, such individuals during the time duration of this order are not entitled to own a firearm legally. And if it is discovered that they are in possession of firearms during the time duration of this protective order (also known as a restraining order), their actions will be charged and judged.

Individuals with past records of conviction for felony crimes irrespective of the nature of the felony committed are also restricted from possessing firearms except if their civil rights have been restored. However, the procedures involved in a past felony convict trying to retrieve civil rights has proven to be very difficult.

Finally, any individual who has a spotless and clean criminal record and does not want to conceal their firearms even at public places and away from their homes, is not mandated to any documentation that regards owning a firearm.

Concealment Laws in Arlington

Carrying a firearm that is concealed is considered a crime in Arlington. This is because of the fact that the law does not want individuals who are in possession of firearms to carry them about in a concealed casing. There are two ways of carrying your firearms, especially at public places- open carry and conceal carry. However, it is important to know that concealed carrying of a gun is an offense no matter the number of people doing so or not.

This law has good reasons that support the rule. It is irrelevant if the firearm is being used or not by them or if they are committing any offense with it or not and the law upholds the rule on very good grounds.

Brandishing A Firearm in Arlington

Displaying your firearm in a way that makes others feel threatened is illegal in Arlington, thus, when an individual brandishes a gun, it is automatically considered to be illegal. However, it is okay to possess firearms in such a manner that it does not seem to be a threat to others. The view that one’s display of firearms in a way that threatens another individual is enough reasons for the individual to be convicted for illegal brandishing of a gun.

Firearms Purchases in Arlington Texas

Permits are generally not required to purchase a firearm in Arlington. However, as a result of the most recent bill that has been passed into law (the SB70/HB2), all purchases of firearms are expected to go through approved dealers and these dealers are to provide accurate background checks. A law has also been issued placing restrictions on the purchase of firearms to just a single unit a month but individuals with conceal permits are exempted from this rule.

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Self-Defense in Arlington

Arlington laws totally support issues where a handgun was only used for self- defense. At any point where one is under danger or threat of his life, that individual is authorized to defend themselves and others around them.

The law of Arlington permits self-defense in situations where an individual who isn’t the aggressor, believes with a sufficient amount of fact and conviction that another individual is in danger of a life-threatening act or harm.

An individual may only use a weapon if they’re preventing a harmful occurrence or fatal situations. When the situation demands self-defense, they must lawfully defend themself or others who are threatened, provided the situation can be interpreted to be self-defense.

In the case of robbery or forced entry into the homes of individuals, an individual is allowed under the law to act on account of self-defense and deadly or non- deadly measures could be used to stop any unlawful entrance or access to one’s home or property.

Our Arlington License to Carry Course at Concealed Carry Academy

This course is designed in a way that encourages learning in a flexible and very comfortable manner. You get to learn it at your own terms, time, and convenience. The course is very detailed and covers all aspects constituted by the state and federal firearms laws to gain a license to own and carry firearms. The course comes with exciting videos and images that encourage long-term memory, while making learning interesting and exceptional.

Very importantly, our Handgun Proficiency Training Form (LTC101) will be given to you as soon as you successfully complete this course. This is to help you practice physically at any gun training range that is nearest to you.

What You’ll Achieve in Our License to Carry Courses

We have been able to sufficiently cover a wide range of topics for this course. But in any case, below are some specific areas that can be pointed out:


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How Much Time Do You Need to Complete the Course?

The time duration to finish the course cumulatively takes about 4-6 hours. However, since it’s flexible and you are comfortable learning at your own pace, you can at any time pause the course and resume at your preferred time to prevent it from bearing down on you.

What Happens Upon Completion of The Course?

Take our Online Texas License to Carry Class

Request for your firearm license with the Texas Department of Public Safety DPS. To get the license, the following documents would be required:

  • Any government approved means of identification
  • Up-to-date demographic record
  • Your resident address
  • Your Phone number
  • Your present work details
  • For new individuals applying, details regarding your work and house address of the past 5 years will be requested for too.
  • Your valid email address
  • Facts concerning any previous criminal record
  • Information regarding any mental condition or addiction.

Complete the range portion with a legally recognized instructor closest to you. We will give you our LTC101 course form to ensure that you have all you need for your range qualification.

Last is the hardest part of all. “Waiting Patiently” The License to Carry at about 8 weeks to be delivered

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