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Online Class Simple way for Active Military and Veterans to get their LTC


Are you an Active Duty Soldier or Veteran wanting your Concealed Carry?

The Texas License To Carry is a great option for military members and veterans living in states that do not offer an LTC. We can help you get this special license from across state lines – no matter what residency status or where they serve currently! Start with our online course on how to obtain the Texas Concealed Carry today.

Are you Active Duty & under 21 Years Old? No worries Texas Issues Texas LTC – Concealed Carry licenses to you!

Texas will issue a license to carry to ANY legal resident of all 50 States. Texas will renew no matter what state you reside. We are certified by the State of Texas to offer the official Texas LTC class online.

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Our Texas License to Carry Online Course is your chance for a cheaper and more convenient way of getting licensed. The course provides you with all the benefits that come from having this document, including being able study anywhere in America with an internet connection! You can even take it on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets if need be.

Fort Benning Concealed Carry - Fort Benning LTC - Military Concealed Carry

If you are looking for a license to carry, then Texas is the place. All that’s required of Military and veteran applicants is some proof of firearms (Pistol/rifle) training within the last 10 years.

Military members and veterans taking our online course that are not in Texas must have a range card, scores OR proof of firearms familiarization training (rifle or handgun) from the military dated within ten years. As long as you do this – all it takes to get your Texas LTC CHL is our online class, and submitting paperwork!

The Texas LTC class is a great way to get your license and start carrying the firearm that suits you best. You’ll apply online, pay an applicable fee (which changes depending on which type of applicant you are), then receive your permit in mail within about 60 business days!

  • Standard $40
  • Active Duty Military $0
  • Veteran $25
  • State Correctional Officer $0
  • County Jailer $0

The above fees are separate from your class fee and are payed directly to the State for a 5 year LTC.

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Adeline MelodyAdeline Melody
06:47 24 May 22
One of the most effective, informative, and useful classes I have ever taken, and I spent 20 years in the Marines. Vets, active duty, or anyone who has taken a mandatory class: imagine spending over 1/2 a day in a classroom and NOBODY is bored. Gary does an outstanding presentation and is extremely professional while keeping the class enjoyable. He will take you through real life type of scenarios to prepare you for not what is coming but for things that might be coming. This family ran business is who you want to take your class with. HIGHLY recommend these folks to anyone wanting to get a concealed carry.
Pedro LucianoPedro Luciano
09:16 23 May 22
Great class Gary! Not only did Gary engage the classroom and make us a part of the learning process, but he also patiently took on scenarios and questions willingly. With a class so long and so detailed, it’s important to keep things light while relaying the gravity of the content. I recommend this class to any new shooters and new handgun carriers.
Marcell Cohen SelahMarcell Cohen Selah
02:05 17 May 22
Had an awesome experience. My wife and I recently did the Saturday class to get our conceal carry certificate and learn more about gun safety. Classes are small so you can get more personal training and learn in a relaxed, uncrowded environment. Gary was an excellent instructor that made sure everyone was engaged and confident when it came time to test. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a certificate and not have to deal with one of the bigger schools where your questions might get overlooked or you don't feel confident when it comes time to test.
Rowan HarrisonRowan Harrison
19:17 13 May 22
I can honestly say that I left impressed! Its a great learning environment. Gary was a great instructor, and made learning gun safety and laws enjoyable. I really enjoyed his teaching style. Extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain vague concepts and laws clearly. Out of everything, I really enjoyed that it was a family owned business and had a hospitable feel. If you take a LTC course anywhere else.....You’re just wasting your time.
Chelsea AshleyaChelsea Ashleya
19:23 02 May 22
Our family had an absolutely amazing experience. We had a mixed group of shooters ranging from retired military to those who have never shot a handgun before. The class offered something for each and everyone of us. Gary was very very patient and worked with every shooter to make each feel comfortable and knowledgeable at both the classroom and range activities. If you have ever wanted to take a CHL class, I highly encourage you to sign up. You will not regret it a bit.

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