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18 year-olds can now get a Concealed Carry in Texas. The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

Houston License to Carry is a permit to either openly carry a handgun or to have a concealed carry within Houston, Texas.

People in Houston, as well as other Texans, need a license to carry any handgun, whether it is a concealed carry or an open carry. To get this license, approximately four to six hours of lectures, a well written test, and a shooting proficiency test must be passed, and any prospective license owner must also have their fingerprints taken and must not be found wanting in a background check usually carried out by the Department of Public Safety.

Handguns are about the only kind of firearm which needs a license to be carried in a lot of places within Texas, but nowadays, that is not even necessary. Firearms like long guns and rifles, and even other semi-automatic rifles are permitted to be carried openly around Houston without a license. Getting your Houston license to carry handguns still has its benefits such as giving the owner permission for reciprocity in states which have similar gun laws and control systems, and your license can as well be considered as a totally valid means of identification when voting.

Conditions to Get a License to Carry in Houston

All state and federal requirements to get a license must be met by the potential license holder to be eligible for a license. Some of these requirements are:

  • The licensee must be a lawful resident of the state for at least six months before they apply for a license.
  • they must be at least 21 years of age
  • they must have never been found guilty of a crime
  • they must not have any charge pertaining to a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or any offense that is equivalent to such.
  • they musts not be a substance addict or a drug dealer
  • they must be well able to competently handle a handgun, strictly adhering to its rules and safety precautions.
  • they must pass sound judgements in the proper use of guns.
  • they must be qualified by the law to purchase and carry a firearm
  • they must not be delinquent in attitudes and behaviors
  • they must be law abiding taxpayers in the state
  • they must not be restricted by any protective order in a court or under a restraining order pertaining to a spouse and interest of property
  • must be at least 18 years if they’re in active military duty
  • And others as stated in the federal and state gun laws.

Our Houston License to Carry Course at Concealed Carry Academy

Anyone looking to get a License to carry firearms in Houston should go through the requirements listed above. If you meet all of them appropriately, the next thing to do is to get enrolled in any of our approved online courses at Concealed Carry Academy. The course is tailored to be learnt in a very flexible and comfortable means where you can learn at your own pace, space, and convenience, and it covers all the areas required by the federal and state laws to get a license to carry firearms. The learning experience contains videos and pictures that will enhance a long-term memory of the things you learn and give you an overwhelming fun experience while gaining value. And most importantly, our Handgun Proficiency Training form (LTC101) will be handed to you upon a successful completion of the course to enable you to carry out your physical training in any approved firearm training range close to you.

What You’ll Learn in Our License to Carry Courses

Lots of areas and issues will be addressed in this course. However, specific subject areas to be covered in the classes include:

  • The use of handguns and its safety
  • Methods of ensuring secure carrying during an open carry (Hand and shoulder holsters)
  • Settlement of disputes and conflicts without any form of violence
  • Excellent storage of handguns with a focus on practices that keep children and other people safe from any form of accidents or injuries.
Shooting Pistol at Range Houston TX - License to Carry - Concealed Carry - Houston Texas

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Course?

It takes four to six hours of cumulative learning to cover the course. You can choose to pause the course at any time and continue when you feel ready to learn so as to avoid letting it wear you out.

What Do I Need to Do Upon Completion of The Course?

Write and complete your license to carry exams

√ Go through your physical training with any recognized shooting instructor close to you. The LTC 101 form that will be given to you at the end of this course provides all you need to be physically trained.

Apply for your license with the Texas Department of Public Safety. The following documents may be needed:

  • Your Valid driver license or a valid identification card
  • Current demographic data
  • Your home address
  • Your phone contact
  • Your current employment details
  • In the case of new applicants, information regarding your employments and home residents within the past five years will be needed
  • Your valid email address
  • Facts regarding a criminal history
  • Clarifications on your hard substances or psychiatric history

√ Complete the shooting proficiency session

Is It Necessary to Have a Gun for the Proficiency Training and Test?

Some handgun instructors demand that you have your personal handgun for the shooting proficiency demonstration. In other cases, some instructors simply provide you with a handgun for the session. In any case, you need to first speak with the recognized instructor to be sure of what you need for the proficiency classes. 

Houston Texas Constitutional Carry Law

In the whole of Texas on June the 16th, 2021, there was a huge celebration among citizens because a new legislation was passed and effectively signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. This new law or legislation was called House Bill 1927. It is known as the long awaited Permitless Carry Bill which trashed the necessity for citizens of Houston and the whole of Texas to have a license to carry firearms before they can have a handgun. The new law is that anyone at all who has met the age requirement of 21 years can have a concealed carry or openly carry a handgun and only people who have been convicted and prohibited by the state and federal laws are not allowed to own a handgun going forward (with effect from 1st September 2021. It is this new legislation that is usually termed “Constitutional Carry.” 

Aside from the changes in the law as stated above, citizens of Texas who had been guilty of illegally carrying a handgun or firearm now have the freedom to expunge those records completely, so long their charge took place before the new law was signed on September the 1st, 2021. But then, the new law wasn’t all lenient with the citizens; along with it came restrictions to certain environments on the carry of firearms. For example, carrying a firearm in people’s private property where it has been clearly indicated that firearms are prohibited, or carrying a firearm in a school may attract criminal penalties to the culprit.

So basically, a Constitutional carry or an open carry is the law that anyone is legally free to go about with their firearms, be it concealed or openly and in the public, without any license or permit. Before the constitutional carry law, the reverse was the case because nobody could openly carry a handgun without a license to carry firearms. In this new bill, individuals in Houston and the whole of Texas are allowed to openly carry a handgun only if it is safely tucked in a shoulder or waist holster. Nevertheless, this new bill also brought forward penalties or lawful punishments for every criminal who has been prohibited from carrying a gun but was caught using or carrying a firearm.

Latest Police Procedures in Houston According to The Constitutional Carry

With the passage of the constitutional carry, the Legislation also created a better strategy for the enforcement of laws in the state. Since individuals in Texas may now be armed with firearms at any point in time, the majors of law enforcement have also been updated. A very important part of this provision makes it lawful for an officer to arrest and retrieve arms from an individual if the officer perceives that the individual can hurt the officer, anyone else or even themselves. What this means is that a police reserve the right to seize your firearms, even with the application of force if they feel it is necessary to do so. However, if they confirm that the individual is not a threat in any way and hadn’t committed any crime, they must restore the firearm to the owner.

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Employees and Other Individuals in Houston

Houston law strictly prohibits employees, house occupants, volunteers, and service providers from having weapons with them during active duties, except they have to make use of it while carrying out their actual duties. However, employees, house occupants, volunteers and service providers are not limited or prohibited from conveying/storing firearms in a sealed, personal vehicle parked in a garage or any other spaces for parking made available by an employer.

Places in Houston-Texas Which Prohibits Constitutional Carry

The fact that Constitutional Carry is now lawful in Houston and the whole of Texas doesn’t give citizens the right to just go anywhere they wish to while carrying a handgun. The law has limitations to where people can take their firearms to, even if the law doesn’t limit them from owning one. For instance, having a firearm on someone else’s property can land the perpetrator on a Class C misdemeanor, and so on. Other areas where it is unlawful by the constitutional carry to take a handgun to include:

  • Civil commitment facilities
  • Any university or college environment
  • Sport festivals or events that are professional
  • Any high school, elementary school, or middle school premises
  • Any facility meant for correctional purposes
  • Any environment where a huge percentage of alcohol is marketed
  • Any health care center
  • Specific areas in an airport that are secured
  • Any law court
  • Polling units or locations
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Playgrounds or amusement parks
  • Meetings of government officials
  • Properties that belong to the federal government
  • Post offices
  • As well as military installations

Airport Carry of Firearms in Houston -Texas

With the new open carry law, which was recently passed, the rate of people openly carrying their firearms in public has significantly increased. While this is freedom for a lot of gun owners, a lot of restrictions like the ones listed above and restrictions in airports have been made effective. The following is to be thoroughly observed in airports in Houston and all of Texas:

  • The law of open carry permits individuals to openly carry firearms neatly tucked in a holster (be it a shoulder or belt holster), or to carry a concealed firearm with the adequate license.
  • Handguns without a license (such as shotguns and rifles) must not be taken to open or public parts of the airport such as the public walkways, the terminals, and the garages.
  • Individuals who own guns are permitted to transport firearms (handguns, shotguns, long guns, etc.) that are not loaded in a perfectly locked and solid container and checked as baggage. The owner must also declare the container of the firearms when their bags are being checked at the counter for tickets.
  • The container of the guns must also be totally secured in such a way that the firearms can never be accessed. Any container that can be opened effortlessly will be rejected. Lastly, it is generally advised that the containers in which firearms come with are in most cases not secured enough for travels and as such, must be replaced with better and safer containers or cases.
  • A notice is made available at the entry and departure of most terminals and social structures in airports, which explains the gun rules and restrictions that are laid down in each and every part of the airport.

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