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18 year-olds can now get a Concealed Carry in Texas. The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

Handling of Handguns in San Antonio

The major aim of carrying a handgun (after acquiring your license) is for self-defense and protection of property. In other cases, people engage in lawful firearm games or sports, hunting, etc. A lot of people have been able to use their firearms to escape from unpleasant situations like robbery by simply threatening the perpetrators with a gun, while some have made mistakes with their firearms which landed them in legal cases. This is why it is very important to go through an approved online course so as to not just acquire a handgun license at the end of the day, but to be completely grounded in the knowledge needed to use a handgun without ever making crazy mistakes like misfired shots, or letting your emotions make you kill or injure someone which might land you in a law case.

An individual who has a license to carry handguns can be restricted and hindered from carrying their handgun into any vicinity that has a clear sign stating firearm prohibition in that area.  This cuts across gatherings and locations of public meetings, as well as non-public areas of San Antonio.

In some other cases, a person might come across an individual who has a handgun with them while acting very strangely or suspiciously. In such cases, it is necessary to remain very alert and reach out to any law enforcement agency as quickly as you can because you might be in danger.

Also, it is important to note that having a license to carry firearms does not entail that the license holder has better rights to get into public places than any other person in San Antonio. Being able to carry a handgun is strictly for self-defense and every other law-abiding reason. The advantage of an online course is that you get to discover all these and lots more about the use of guns, you get to intelligently defend yourself at all times, you learn to be on guard and most importantly, you learn to abide by the laws of the state.

Open Carry in San Antonio

People are not allowed to go about with a gun that is being carried carelessly in San Antonio. However, anyone can openly move with a handgun only if:

  They have acquired a valid Handgun License from the state

  They are not holding the gun in a threatening manner, but the gun has been neatly tucked in either a belt holster or a shoulder holster.

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San Antonio License to Carry Courses

Just like every other city in Texas, San Antonio recognizes approved licenses to carry firearms online and offline courses as one of the major requirements to be given a Handgun License. Generally, for a course to be recognized, it must provide lectures that educate the potential license holder on federal and state gun laws, guides, and safety precautions in working with a handgun, proper storage and maintenance of firearms, safety precautions for holding a handgun in homes or around children, etc. All these and lots more are to be thoroughly covered as a determining factor of getting a handgun license.

Our Online License to Carry Course for the People of San Antonio.

Concealed Carry Academy runs excellent online courses that educate and equip all our clients(learners) to exceptionally meet and even exceed the requirements for getting a license to carry handguns in San Antonio (as well as the whole of Texas). Our online courses are not only qualitative, but they are all government approved and verified. They cover 6 rewarding hours of lectures that cover  multiple areas.

Features of Our San Antonio Online License to Carry Firearms Course.

  • Entertaining videos and other graphics to make the learning process not just effective, but enjoyable.
  • Full text and detailed explanations on excellent firearms handling and maintenance.
  • Lectures on San Antonio gun laws and legislation, as well as federal and state gun laws
  • Lectures on conflict resolution without the use of violent behaviors
  • Detailed teaching on your rights and defending yourself and your property in San Antonio.
  • Detailed lectures on the lawful use of force

And lots more are too numerous to be listed here.

What We Guarantee You at Concealed Carry Academy


Requirements by the Department of Public Safety for Getting a License to Carry in San Antonio

Texas Department of Public Safety Certified LTC Instructor - License to Carry Texas - Texas LTC Online

Are Our San Antonio License to Carry Courses Legal?

Absolutely! All our courses at Concealed Carry Academy falls in line and even exceeds the expectations of the Department of Public Safety in Texas. All our contents, learning methods, course examinations and other activities are approved and 100% legal.

Test of Your Handgun Skills in San Antonio

It is required of every potential license holder to successfully go through a physical test called “the shooting test” and have an excellent performance at the end of the day. The license seeker must successfully shoot the handgun from about three different measured points. Shooting according to a specific distance helps measure the applicant’s efficiency and shooting skills, to avoid accidents or misfired shots in the future. The measured points to be shot at must cover the follow distances:

  1. 3 yards, where the applicant fires about 20 perfect rounds of the handgun or firearm.
  2. 7 yards, where the applicant shoots about 20 rounds of the handgun with a good performance.
  3. 10 yards, where the applicant must display 15 perfect shots at this distance.

With that being done, it should be verified that the applicant has passed all the requirements above which includes both the classroom lectures and examinations, as well as the shooting evaluation. The classroom test can be a physical test of an online examination via a computer (CBT). In all the processes, the applicant must be able to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that they cannot just carry a handgun, but they can do so professionally without accidents or injuries.

Validity Timeline for Acquiring A Handgun License in San Antonio.

After you meet all the requirements stated above, you will be handed the license to carry a handgun in San Antonio by the Department of Public Safety. From the very day you receive it, you have the right to go about with your handgun either concealed or tucked in a holster. This can last and remain valid for four years, while you ensure strict compliance with the state gun laws.

Apart from that, it is important that you adequately plan for a renewal prior to the time your license will expire. This is to make sure that your license remains valid at all times.

Picture to the right is page you will start your Texas License to Carry Journey.

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Renewing Your License to Carry Handgun When It Gets Expired in San Antonio

Your license to carry a handgun in San Antonio must be renewed from time to time and the Department of Public Safety finds a way to notify/remind all license holders at exactly 6 months from the expected date of expiration. In cases where a license holder goes much later for their renewal, and it is confirmed that their license has become invalid for up to 12 months already, that will land the license holder in a position where they must undergo fresh registration and process a new license to carry firearms in San Antonio. So, it is usually advised that your renewal is done before it actually expires to give room for natural days and still remain on the safe side.

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Application Timeline for Your San Antonio License to Carry a Handgun.

It takes about sixty days to successfully apply and get a new handgun license in San Antonio. The days are counted from the very day you successfully hand your application over to the department of Public Safety for them to start working on it. They spend time to go through your documents confirming that you’re actually eligible for the license, verify your contact information, your personal details, your criminal history, and all that so it might take a while, but not longer than 180 days in the worst-case scenario.

What To Do in Situations Where Your Application is Rejected by the State.

In the course of the various activities and verifications carried out by the Department of Public Safety, sometimes they come across legit reasons why an individual’s application must be rejected because giving them a license to carry firearms might pose a very serious threat to the society. More reasons include finding out that an applicant has been involved in a crime or felony before, an applicant either lied about their actual age and they are not up to 21 years(or 18 and a member of the Armed Forces), they failed woefully in the shooting/proficiency test and was still trying their luck to get a license, they have been restrained or banned by the law in legal cases, mental or health issues, a drug addict, a delinquent,  and a host of other reasons that makes them unfit to be in charge of a handgun.

To save the situation, the state is lenient enough to allow these people whose applications have been declined to seek a lawful appeal in the following period of 30 days. Anything later than that will lead to a total dismissal of the application by the Department of Public Safety. In the appeal, an applicant is given a chance to request for fair hearing by any responsibility law agency. The appeal must still be addressed to the Department of Public Safety, who has the responsibility of making the necessary arrangements for the hearing in a court closest to your location in San Antonio.

The Texas LTC class is a great way to get your license and start carrying the firearm that suits you best. You’ll apply online, pay an applicable fee (which changes depending on which type of applicant you are), then receive your permit in mail within about 60 business days!

  • Standard $40
  • Active Duty Military $0
  • Veteran $25
  • State Correctional Officer $0
  • County Jailer $0

The above fees are separate from your class fee and are paid directly to the State for a 5 year LTC.

At this point you don't need anyone to try to convince you to do all you need to do and own a license to carry firearms in San Antonio. What do you need to do?

We are waiting to take this fascinating and rewarding journey with you!

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