Oklahoma Concealed Carry SDA Class

Oklahoma Concealed Carry – Self Defense Act Course 

Is the knowledge and experience necessary to acquire a permit to lawfully carry a concealed or open firearm for safety purposes in the State of Oklahoma. In most cases, this training demands about eight hours of lessons on Title 21, safe methods of handling and operating a firearm and most importantly, Oklahoma gun laws.  By the time you’ve successfully completed this class, a duly signed certificate of completion will be handed to you to enable you to effortlessly apply for an Oklahoma Handgun License. This course on the Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) exhaustively discusses issues of safety, fundamentals of shooting a handgun, application of force and deadly force, training on Oklahoma gun laws, live shooting lessons, and other important areas demanded by the law to obtain a handgun license.

***A Peek into Oklahoma Gun Laws***

  • Shall Issue

Oklahoma is a recognized Shall Issue State in U.S. Shall Issue can be described as a principle which allows an individual to be issued a carry permit (by the department of police, sheriff, and others who have the authority to issue a permit), as long as the individual meets all the requirements of the federal and state law.  This implies that law enforcement agencies have no grounds to deny any individual a permit if the applicant has satisfactorily met all the laid down criteria to be given a carry permit. We currently have about forty-one shall issue states and it covers some permitless carry states that grant permits to individuals on the grounds of reciprocity (a situation where citizens of other states are allowed to lawfully carry a handgun in a different state). However, there are other states that are categorized as shall issue states, but in reality, they practice and operate on a may-issue basis.

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  • Permitless Carry

In Oklahoma, a permit is not required to purchase a handgun or firearm from any private seller. You do not have to go through any specific waiting period, and you are not required to carry out any form of firearm registration for your firearms in the state. However, if you need to purchase a handgun from a federal dealer on firearms, you must go through a background check.


  • Open Carry

Open carry in Oklahoma is lawful. Anyone who is up to twenty-one years (or eighteen years if in the military) can legally have an open carry without a license for the purposes of fishing, legal self-defense, hunting, etc. However, openly carrying a handgun is prohibited in some areas.

  • Self-Defense

– Castle Doctrine: Oklahoma operates with the Castle Doctrine and there’s a law that tells citizens to “stand your ground” in certain situations. This simply entails that anyone who has the legal right to be at a certain place is not obligated to retreat from that vicinity at any point but has the right to face force with the use of force while standing their ground if they believe it is needed to do so to prevent a criminal act from thriving. 

An individual is presumed to have been greatly scared of death or severe injuries when they use a deadly force that can cause death or greatly injure another person if the recipient of the defensive force was unlawfully or forcefully entering (or had already intruded) into their vehicle, dwelling, place of work or worship, or was trying to forcefully move someone else against their will. The person reasonably believed that defensive force was necessary to prevent more fatal actions from the perpetrator.

– “Dwelling” simply means any kind of building or conveyance which includes your attached veranda or porch, be it a permanent building or not, might be mobile or immobile, so long it has a roof and is designed for people to occupy it. 

– “Residence” can be described as a dwelling where someone lives. It can be permanent, temporary or the house of a host.

  • Immunity from Civil & Criminal Liability

Any person who makes use of defensive force that is justified by the law is free from being prosecuted as a criminal for making use of a fatal defensive force. 

  • Does Oklahoma Permit Open Carry of Firearms?

Yes, Oklahoma allows open carry by licensed persons who are up to eighteen years old. It can be a handgun that is either loaded or unloaded being carried in a holster or other objects designed to be used in holding firearms. Also, without a license, anyone up to twenty-one years old (or at least eighteen years if in the military) can lawfully have an open carry in a way which the law permits them to.

Any individual who wishes to carry a concealed firearm in Oklahoma must be up to 21 years old or 18 years of age if they are a member of the U.S. Military.

  • Can you have a concealed carry of other weapons apart from handguns with a concealed carry license (or having permitless carry if possible)?

No, it is not legal to have a permitless concealed carry of other firearms aside handguns. Also, handguns that are larger than .45 caliber or greater than 16″ in length are highly prohibited.

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  • Stun Guns and Tasers

It is legal to purchase and carry tasers and stun guns without any license in Oklahoma.

  • Chemical/ Pepper Spray

In Oklahoma, there is no law which prohibits the buying or usage of chemical sprays/pepper sprays in Oklahoma. However, it is against the law to use these items on any peace officer, parole officer, firefighter, correction officer or even an emergency medical paramedic who is on official assignment.

  • Restrictions of Handgun/Bullets

In Oklahoma, it is illegal to possess or make use of any kind of restricted bullet. A restricted bullet is an elongated or a roundish missile that is coated with fluorocarbon, produced to penetrate any body armor because of its high velocity travel. It is highly illegal to use any restricted bullet in society.  

  • Obligation to notify security agency of being in possession of a firearm

 There is no law obligating you to inform any police officer or law enforcement agent that you are in possession of a concealed gun in Oklahoma. The only exception to this is in a situation whereby you are being asked by a security officer.

As an Oklahoma driver, is my driving permit linked with my firearm carry permit?

The answer here is NO. The law does not demand that your driver’s license be used to link with your self-defense act permit. This means that no law enforcement agent will know that you carry a concealed firearm permit by simply running your driver’s license through the system database. But nevertheless, some security officials have access to certain database records that contain such information.

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  • Laws enforcing a no weapon permitted signpost

Carrying a gun or firearms into an establishment with a NO WEAPON PERMISSION sign is a crime especially if it is a private organization. Refusal to leave may lead to being detained with expressing misdemeanor behavior and charged with a fine or jail time or even both.

  • Right to purchase a firearm before others (Preemption)?

The law recognizes the state as the body responsible for regulating firearms. However, some local districts could also oversee the discharge of guns only within their territory or area of jurisdiction. This law is extended even to cover the Red Flag laws.

  • Brandishing

There has not been any well-defined explanation concerning brandishing in the state law of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, it is considered as a crime if an individual intentionally or unintentionally points a firearm at anyone for the sole aim of threatening the person irrespective of the fact that the firearm is loaded or not, or the individual is intending to shoot or not or whatever reason which is not considered as an act of self-defense, such individual will be charged for a criminal offense. It is also considered a crime to engage in reckless actions when in possession of your firearm as such conducts can create an unnecessary event of risk and probability of causing harm or death to another individual.

  • Being in possession of firearm when drunk or on drugs

A person who is intoxicated with alcohol or under the influence of drugs, drugs that are not prescribed by a qualified physician or even when the drug has been prescribed by a qualified physician but has side effects that affects the mental and emotional capacity of an individual, such person is not permitted to be in possession of firearms. Being a responsible American who is armed, irrespective of the law governing your state, it is wrong to be in possession of a firearm when you are under the influence of alcohol or any substance that could affect your mental or emotional well -being and in turn make you take impaired judgment. It is important to understand that any action you take when you are in possession of your firearm might change the course of your life forever and may lead to severe consequences.

  • Is a Permit needed for non- residents in Oklahoma?

Yes, but such a permit is only issued to military personnel who are stationed in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, such access and facts are only granted to only law enforcement agencies.

Buying and Owning of Handguns

  • Buying permits

There is no law about handgun purchase permits. An individual only open to a background check is buying a handgun from a federal dealer. But to buy a handgun in Oklahoma, you do not need any permit.

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  • Are background investigations necessary for private handgun sales?

No, it is not necessary. When carrying out a private transfer of handgun, you are not required to run any background checks. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, especially in regard to the age of the receiver. For safety, it is wise to always keep a copy of the transaction receipt as proof of ownership for the handgun.

  • Processing timeframe

In Oklahoma, there is no fixed time to await the arrival of your handgun after making a purchase.

  • Handgun registration

There is no law in Oklahoma that demands the registration of a purchased or private handgun.

  • Approved age to own and carry a firearm

At least 18 years and above. It is a crime for a child’s parent to knowingly or unknowingly give his or her child any firearm. It Is a crime for a child who is below the age of 18 years to be in possession of any firearm. The only exception to this rule is in a situation when it is being used for hunting exercise or training.

  • Carrying a handgun within my personal property without a permit

Yes, there is a permit-less license to carry that allows individuals who are legally approved to be in possession of firearms within their property. This law is only valid for people who are up to the age of 21 and above. It is important to note that this law is interpreted differently in different states based on their individual constitutional rights to carry.

Information Necessary for a Concealed Carry Permit in Oklahoma

Details of requirements:

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Oklahoma Concealed Carry SDA License Cost

***Paid to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation OSBI***

$100 for First license with a 5 years duration time frame (Renewable fee of $85)

$200 for First license with a 10 years duration time frame (Renewable fee of $170)

Without exceptions, it takes 60 days for the processes at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. In the case of an exception, the time frame is extended to 90 days. The sheriff department takes about 2-weeks (14 days) to complete the process.

The permit is only issued to military personnel and their wives who are on active duty and are residing in Oklahoma. The process of acquiring the license is same as that for indigenes

  • Change of name or home address:

Provide and submit an approved document stating the update in name or home address. It should contain the previous name or home address details and the new or updated name or home address. Apply using the change of information form or Replacement of license request form. It cost $15.

  • Missing license:

When your license gets missing or is stolen, issue out a notarized statement immediately asking for a new license to replace the missing or stolen one. You can apply online using the Change if information form or the replacement license request form. The fee will be $15.

  • Change in residential location:

In Oklahoma, non- resident licenses are only issued to military personnel who live in Oklahoma. If you have an Oklahoma driver’s license as military personnel, you can apply.

If you move out of Oklahoma to a new location, your Oklahoma license to carry expires or becomes invalid.

Carry Locations

It is legal to carry a handgun in one’s vehicle, be it loaded or unloaded.

  • Carry at Roadside Rest Areas

Handguns are permitted to be carried at roadside areas in Oklahoma, be it open or concealed.

  • Concealed Carry in National or State Parks, National or State Forests and most Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

Having a concealed carry of firearms in state or national parks, forests and Wildlife Management Areas is legal in Oklahoma. However, it is highly prohibited from being carried in any buildings of the above-mentioned places.

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Anyone can lawfully have a concealed carry in restaurants or eateries that serve alcohol without a permit, except it is being boldly written out that it is not allowed, and the individual is not intoxicated. However, in the bars of these places, concealed carry is not allowed.

  • Carry or Possession of Firearms at a Hotel

A business owner retains the right to restrict anyone from carrying a concealed or open firearm on their building or property. In a case where the property is completely open to the general public, the property owner or person involved will have to clearly post a notice stating that firearms are restricted from being carried within the property. On the other hand, property owners have no right to stop individuals from transporting or storing firearms in their locked vehicles when parked within the hotel, except if it’s in a situation where the individual is a known criminal. However, the hotel management should always be contacted for clarity of their carry policy if anyone intends to go about with their firearms.

  • Storage of Firearms in a Vehicle Parked at The Parking Lot of An Employer.

There is no law in Oklahoma that gives any employer or property owner the right to stop or prohibit any individual from transporting or storing their firearms in a vehicle that is locked. 

Oklahoma Firearm Training -SDA

In Oklahoma, the training for firearms requires you must successfully complete an 8-hour firearms safety and training course from a certified SDAL firearms instructor. Competency must be demonstrated and a qualification with a pistol by the Oklahoma self-defense authorized for carry and after 3 years, the training certificate expires.

Areas required to be covered in the course content are:

During trainings, the following members can be exempted:

Firearms instructors, Active and reserve duty law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers, Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), Certified security officers, armed guards and correctional officers, active duty members of the military, legal residents of Oklahoma who are national guard or military reserve or that have been honorably discharged within 20yrs after the date of application, Peace officers that are retired and are also legal residents of Oklahoma with good standing from a law enforcement agency located in another state  and have also received training equal to the training needed for CLEET Certification in this state, and someone who known to be qualified for a training exemption by CLEET . These categories of people are to find a USCCA certified instructor or firearms training class close to them.

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To renew an Oklahoma self-defense act license, the following steps should be considered.

Step 1:

90 days prior to the expiry of the license, renewals can be made. For licenses less than 3 years old expiry, late fee is charged on acceptance. For licenses with more than 3years expiry, they cannot be renewed and a new one must be applied for.

Step 2:

Download the application and apply online or complete the application offline.

Step 3:

The completed application or online summary sheet with Two colored passports, driver’s license or State ID card, and a training certificate should be taken to the sheriff’s office of the county you live in.

Step 4:

For applicants who applied online, the uploaded photos and payments have completed the process. For other applicants, the summary sheet or completed application along with photographs and required fee is to be taken or mailed to OSBI Address below.

Step 5:

You will receive a notification by mail if your application is approved.


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Upon the completion of your course, you will be granted access to your LTC101 Form which would be displayed on your dashboard. With this course form, you can proceed to meeting with a LTC instructor nearest to you to assist you through the practical training and range shooting section of the course. On reaching this stage, you’re bound to find it very interesting, stress free and highly rewarding.

Are you ready to get started?

We assure you that this process is going to be fun, productive, and satisfactory. Sit back and relax while we take you through the basic steps for your Oklahoma Concealed Carry.

√ Pick and sign up for your course

√ Go through and exhaust your course lessons

√ Carry out your documentation process properly and submit every information that is needed

√ Enjoy a smooth, secured, and reliable firearm carry in Oklahoma.

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