Non-Resident Texas License to Carry Permit

In 2016, Texas License to Carry Permit passed a law that allowed concealed as well as open carrying of handguns in holsters on the shoulder or belt. License holders in Texas State receive a variety of benefits that attract people from other US states to obtain a Texas license. So, in case you do not live in Texas but wish to carry a firearm, you can obtain a Texas license to carry a permit.

Eligibility Criteria for Non-Resident of Texas License to Carry Permit

If you are an eligible non-resident of Texas, you can get a license to carry a firearm in Texas.  You must be 21 years of age or older to be eligible to apply for a permit to carry a handgun. you may need at least 6 months of citizenship in another US state. Also, you need to provide the necessary information, proof of eligibility, non-criminal history, and an ID card.


No matter if you live in Texas State or not, you must complete training. There are two ways of training that the state has allowed. In-person training and online training. In most cases, an individual chooses an online Texas License to Carry Permit. But still, it depends upon you which training mode you select. Moreover, You have to give a 25 questions quiz after completing online training or in-person training. And After the quiz, you have to also pass a shooting test.

Shooting Proficiency Test

In addition to the training, the Texas State non-resident will have to pass a shooting proficiency test. You will have to fire 50 rounds from a range of three to fifteen yards during this shooting test.

Application form on the DPS website

Even so, after completing the training and shooting test the non-resident of Texas State will have to fill out the application form available on the Department of Public Safety website. Texas License to Carry Permit All this can be done online, from the convenience of your home. Isn’t that great?

Required Documents

Finally, after filling out the application form, you also need to submit the required documents to the Department of public safety. You will need to provide some supporting documents, Texas License to Carry Permit including your driver’s license or state-issued ID card. You should also submit two passport-sized photographs.

Cost of Permit for Non-Residents

Regardless of whether you are a Texas resident or a non-resident, the permit costs 40$. You will need to pay this amount when you go to the nearest DPS office to pick up your permit.

LTC Issuing Department

Non-residents of Texas who qualify for a license to carry in Texas may receive the license from the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety is the primary issuing authority of long-term care in Texas.

Non-Carrying Areas for Non-resident Texas LTC Holders

Yes, you read that right! if you are a Non-resident of Texas, you are required to hold a permit. But there are some areas where you cannot carry a gun. These include hospitals, courts, polling places, and certain sporting events.

Carrying in Other States For Non-Resident LTC Holders

Many states accept the concealed carry permits issued by other states. As the State of Texas accepts permits from 40 different states. Texas has agreements with most of those states, but not all of them.

Due to some Constitutional Carry measures or any other carrying or legislative laws so currently the other remaining states do not have any current agreement with Texas State. The Texas State gun permit does not work there and their gun permit is not applicable in the Texas State.


To be honest, Texas State has the same laws, rules, and regulations for residents and non-residents. Texas State makes it possible for everyone to apply for a license to carry a gun. Online license applications allow them to apply from the comfort of their home. Also, they do not have to travel to Texas in order to obtain a license to carry.

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