What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?

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Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

The Glock 19’s reputation precedes it, so there’s no need to say what kind of gun it is. No, wait. Indeed, this is a Sig P226. Oh, no, hold on a second. That’s the HK VP9, by the way. The CZ 75 is another option. Or it is the Smith & Wesson M&P 9. Or, etc.

If you catch our drift, the concept of a “great” anything is inherently arbitrary. One person’s tried and true method may not work for another when you add in people’s varied opinions on various makes and models and their personal preferences. And how they plan to use or transport their weapons, you have the makings of a debate that may go on forever.

Despite this, you should be able to utilize certain factors to influence your gun purchase. While the ideal choice will depend on your preferences and shooting style, there are still methods to tell the various possibilities apart.

Let’s attempt to clarify how you should figure out which weapons best fulfill your demands without turning this into a manufacturer-versus-manufacturer fight, which has the potential to be much ugly than arguing the ideal caliber. Because ultimately, the question is: Which 9mm is suitable for you?

What Is the Best 9mm Handgun?-Texas Concealed Carry-Texas License to Carry

What Is The 9mm?

Before discussing the top guns in this caliber, it is essential to define what is meant by the term “9mm.” The bullet’s diameter is precisely nine-hundredths of a meter (or 0.354 inches) in size.

There is some wiggling room in the cartridge’s length. However, it usually falls between 25 and 36 mm. The “9×19,” or 9mm bullet in a 19mm casing, is the most common cartridge length.

It is the standard military and police round and thus the round of choice for self-defense. Weights of bullets may range from 115 to 147 grains.

Most 9 mm handguns sold today are semi-automatic, meaning they shoot just once each trigger stroke and continue to do so until the magazine is empty.

9mm Handgun Features:

When you first look at a 9mm handgun, you may assume they are all identical. The most well-known manufacturers of 9mm handguns all provide models with exact specifications and advantages. We will discuss the characteristics of a typical 9mm handgun below:

Sig Sauer 9mm

Recoil Operated:

Recoil-operated handguns have a slide that locks into the barrel upon firing. Generally, a 0 mm handgun recoil is around 3 feet.


A self-loading handgun is a semi-automatic weapon. Some familiarity with guns helps handle them since they may be challenging to manage.


Some handguns have a textured grip to improve the shooter’s hold on the weapon. Slippery and sliding guns are difficult to handle, mainly when used for hunting.

Ease Of Use:

The simplicity of operation is more of generic quality. Shooting a handgun is less fun if it is difficult to use. No matter your motivation for buying a gun, comfort, and enjoyment when shooting is two of the most important criteria.

Things To Consider When Buying A 9mm Handgun:

To avoid regret, never buy a gun or anything else crucial without first consulting a buying guide. Due to the inherent risk of handguns, every handgun purchased for personal carry must equip with the required safeguards.

We’ve put up a buying guide to make your shopping experience easier. You should read this well before deciding.

Handgun Size:

It is the objective of most people to carry a handgun at all times for protection. Make sure the gun is small and discreet if you want to conceal it in a sling or a pouch.

It’s fine for a handgun to be on the bulky side if it’s going for the glove bag or a nightstand. Think about the primary storage location for the weapon.

Ammunition Type:

Cartridges for handguns may be either rimmed or rimless. In specific contexts, the term “flanged” helps to describe cartridges with a rim. Although rimless cartridges are recommended for use in 9mm pistols, rimmed cartridges may still be found and used in these handguns.

Row of Bullets

Ammunition Capacity:

A 9mm handgun typically holds anything from six to eighteen bullets. Keep in mind that a gun with an 18-round magazine is going to weigh quite a bit.


A handgun’s reliability might vary widely depending on the manufacturer. Brands that have been making handguns for years under the same name tend to be more trustworthy since they have a sustainable reputation.

Size And Weight:

Handguns intended for personal protection should be convenient to carry in your person without causing excessive strain. You should choose a small, light gun for this purpose.

If you wish to carry a light handgun, choose one that can contain between six and ten bullets. Guns that can handle more ammunition than that are often bulky and heavier.


Handgun ergonomics are very crucial. When you shoot the gun, it should feel secure in your hands and like an extension of your arm.

If the handgun’s ergonomics are inadequate, firing a shot can hurt your hand. Nowadays, pistols often have excellent ergonomics.


If you can’t conveniently transport your 9mm handgun, its superior performance won’t matter. The ideal 9mm is the one with you when you need it. It is essential, so please don’t forget it. It doesn’t matter how excellent it is if you don’t have your gun on you when you need it.

For this reason, convenience in terms of concealment, transportation, and holster availability is essential when selecting the best 9mm.

So, What Is the Best 9mm?

It’s a question of taste, but the 9mms mentioned at the beginning of the post are among the finest on the market. That’s not an all-inclusive list, but it should get the ball rolling.

Most of those guns saw heavy service with the police, the military, and special operations, groups. The American military’s special operations units have employed handguns, including the Sig P226, Glock 19, and Beretta 92. Police agencies and special units across the world have used CZ weapons. And so have rifles manufactured by H&K.

Members of these groups often carry weapons like those stated, even though they are not authorized for use by their respective governments’ forces.

Remember that a gun’s popularity in the military is only one metric among several that you may use to determine its “best of” status. What constitutes the best 9mm handgun for you is, and always has been, a matter of personal preference.

The ideal side is that you may have to fire a lot of 9mms before locating the perfect one. So, have pleasure in your search for the excellent 9 mm handgun; you’ll be making a good decision no matter what.

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