NRA Basic Pistol Course – In Person

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Ready to learn your pistol basics?

Conceal Carry Academy will equip you with all you need to kickstart your incredible journey as an NRA member.

Your qualified NRA instructors

Conceal Carry Academy is a certified firearm training firm in Oklahoma and Texas fitted with NRA-certified instructors. We provide you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge required to be a member of the NRA. This is a traditional course that you must complete to be considered.

Our classes break down this technical knowledge into simple words and guides to educate you properly.

Requirements to join our NRA Basic Pistol Classes

  • Be eligible to own a pistol
  • Come with your ear protection for shooting classes
  • Have 100 rounds of ammo for your pistol

Come with a pistol or rent one

What you will learn from our NRA Basic Pistol Classes

  • Gun safety rules
  • Ammunition basics
  • Types of pistols
  • Pistol shooting basics
  • Pistol shooting errors
  • Pistol shooting positions
  • Pistol maintenance
  • And more


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