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How Long Will It Take to Get My TX LTC?

To lawfully carry a firearm in Texas, you must first get a license to carry (LTC). If you’re getting ready to go through the steps required to earn your LTC in this state, you might be wondering how long the process will take in general. To offer you a better sense of the answer, we (a prominent supplier of Austin licenses to carry online classes) break things down by each of the processes needed in obtaining your LTC in Texas.

Take an LTC class in Austin to obtain your Texas LTC:

To receive your license to carry in Texas, you must first complete a course that covers state firearms regulations, situational awareness, and gun safety fundamentals.

There’s even more.

You can also enroll in an online LTC class in Austin. Take the online LTC course from the comfort of your own home/office or while on the go.

There will be no more enormous class sizes or being in groups with people you don’t know. You can choose your class size and take it with people you know in a private session, or you can just take the class online from anywhere in Texas with Conceal Carry Academy and finish a course online!

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The classroom portion may last 4-6 hours, and in-person teaching must be completed in a single session. Online learning, on the other hand, can be divided into smaller chunks.

Note: Please keep in mind that the LTC 101 is the document you will receive after completing the requisite classroom course.

Demonstrating shooting proficiency:

The proficiency test takes roughly an hour to complete on average. After completing the classroom portion of the LTC requirements, you must demonstrate basic skills with a pistol. You can usually expect to be asked to:

  • Fire 20 bullets at 3 yards.
  • Fire 20 bullets at 7 yards.
  • Fire 10 bullets at 15 yards.

If you are an experienced handgun user, you may be eligible to take your proficiency test on the same day as your classroom instruction to save time. If you’re a newer shooter, it’s best to postpone the proficiency portion until you’re more prepared and comfortable.

Fingerprints & DPS Application

This is a two-step process that begins with filing the necessary Texas Department of Safety application. Following the submission of your application, you will schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints taken at an IdentoGO Center. The length of this stage of the process will vary depending on how many individuals are at the center and other considerations.

Timeline for Application Review

The Texas Department of Safety has up to eight weeks after receiving all essential documentation to approve or refuse your application for a carry license. DPS usually takes every effort to respond within 60 days of receiving completed application packages.

After that:

You may file an online inquiry if it has been more than eight weeks since you submitted your application documents. Check the status of your application by going to the DPS website. Applications are often approved if all relevant information is provided and you meet Texas and federal legal handgun ownership standards. Child support debt and legal concerns are two possible causes for application denial.

When you’re ready to earn your Texas LTC, make sure you go with a reputable training facility. Conceal Carry Academy is dedicated to providing the best weapons training available. When it comes to firearms safety or taking an online LTC Class in Austin, gun owners rely on the experience of the professionals at Conceal Carry Academy.