How Much Time Will It Take to Get My Texas LTC?

Getting a license to carry a gun in My Texas LTC is a long process. It has many steps that you need to take before you can be approved to carry a gun. These steps must be completed in order, and you must take them in the right sequence. We will try to figure out how long each step takes by breaking the process into steps.

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A-List Of Steps To Get a My Texas LTC License

You can read the following steps to help you figure out how much time it will take to get My Texas LTC license. So let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

Training Period

Actually, the first thing you should know is that the training period for getting your Texas LTC gun license is mandatory. You can either get trained online or in person.

So the first one is online training, in this mode, you can complete the training and pass the quiz without having to travel to any physical location. In fact, there are different types of video training courses in online training, which can be accessed by anyone at any time, and in total, they cover around 4 hours.

Similarly, in the case of physical training, you’ve to take a training of about 5-6 hours. To complete your training you must pass a quiz of 25 questions. After you pass the quiz, you’ll be awarded an LTC-101 certificate.

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What is taught in Firearms Training? My Texas LTC

Shooting Test Time Period

If you want to get your license to My Texas LTC, you must first pass the shooting test. Also, the shooting test can take between 30 and 45 minutes and you will be required to fire 20 rounds at 3 yards, another 20 at 7 yards, and 10 at 15 yards during the shooting test. Furthermore, the date and time of the shooting test are dependent on the individual. Lastly, our shooting test scores will be based on the number of rounds you fired.

Application Submission Time Period

You will submit your application on the Department of Public Safety website once you have passed the quiz and shooting proficiency test. In addition, your fingerprints will be required. For fingerprints, you need to book an appointment to submit them. Furthermore, the waiting time varies based on how many people are in line for their fingerprints. Also, a standard fee of 40 dollars will be charged from you.

A background check, payment of a fee, and consent from the Department of Public Safety are all necessary before you are licensed to carry a concealed handgun. In addition to the My Texas LTC -100 certification, you must also submit your other supporting documents, such as the receipt of My Texas LTC -103 training course fees.

DPS Reviewing Time Period

Once you have applied, you will have to wait eight weeks for your approval. During that time, DPS will check whether you have filed the correct application form. If your application is ok, then they will send you a license for carrying a concealed handgun. Once the license arrives in the mail, you can carry your weapon with confidence. However, if your application has some problem, you will have to re-apply and re-send it again.

Final Verdict

So here we go, if you want to get My Texas LTC license to carry a concealed handgun, you will have to complete all the steps. Whatever your experience, you always have the same time period for approval. However, if the individual has a good understanding of carrying and shooting, a quiz and shooting test can speed up the process a little bit. However, It is important to complete all steps in the order they are listed.

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Is Texas becoming an open carry state?

Yes, The State of Texas is already a Constitutional Carry / Permitless Carry State

Will Texas still have LTC?

Yes, the Texas License to Carry LTC replaced the older Texas Concealed Handgun License.

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