Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Texas License to Carry stands for. To carry a gun in Texas, you need a license. Under the Texas LTC, you can openly carry or conceal carry a handgun in a belt or shoulder holster. A license to carry a handgun in Texas is the only type of license that can be obtained. Other weapons are not covered by this license.

Before 2016, a handgun license was called a concealed handgun license or a CHL because it allowed carrying a concealed handgun.  In 2016, Texas legalized concealed and open carry. As a result, all Texas residents are now legally allowed Texas License to Carry guns and handguns openly. After passing the law they changed the term from concealed handgun license (CHL) to license to carry (LTC).

The How True Texas License to Carry

That’s true, the carrying laws in the state of Texas are not as strict as those in other states. There are a few things you need to do in order to get your license to carry in Texas. The license to carry in Texas is provided by the Department of Public Safety.

Complete Training

At first, you must complete a training course in order to get your license. LTC training helps people to be prepared in case they encounter a situation like a robbery or assault. It also teaches them how to handle different situations. This helps them to keep themselves safe. The training is helpful to those who want to carry a firearm for self-protection.

Currently, there are two methods of training available. Firstly, there are online classes and secondly, there are in-person classes. It totally depends on the individual which training he chooses. During this training, you will learn about the use of guns and firearm laws, situation handling, and awareness of the law. For completion of the Texas License to Carry, the time period is from 4 hours to 6 hours. Online classes allow you to take classes at your own pace.

Quiz & Shooting Test

After completing the course, you are required to pass a 25-question quiz and a shooting test. Upon passing the quiz, you will be awarded an LTC-101 certificate.

In the shooting test, you have to shoot 50 rounds. You have to fire 20 rounds from 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards, and 20 rounds from 15 yards. After passing the shooting test your LTC instructor will provide you with the completed certificate.

Submission Of Documents

For instance, after completing the required training you must submit all supporting documents and the completion certificate to the Department of Public Safety. Usually, they take around 8 weeks to process and review the application and if the application is approved they will mail the Texas LTC to the individual.

Non-carrying Areas

If you have an LTC permit, you can carry a handgun anywhere in public. Texas License to Carry Nevertheless, Texas State has fixed some areas where guns are prohibited. These areas include courts, hospitals, racetracks, polling stations, and government meetings.

Benefits Of Getting Texas LTC

Texas LTC permit holder has the right to carry their gun concealed on their body at all times. Texas State has an agreement with 40 other states. You can carry your gun in other states if you have a Texas license to do so. A license to carry will allow you to carry your gun in more places and provide protection for its holders. Furthermore, it is possible to defend yourself in court with the license to carry.

The Texas License to Carry class is a great way to get your license and start carrying the firearm that suits you best. You’ll apply online, pay an applicable fee (which changes depending on which type of applicant you are), then receive your permit in mail within about 60 business days!

  • Standard $40
  • Active-Duty Military $0
  • Veteran $25
  • State Correctional Officer $0
  • County Jailer $0

The above fees are separate from your class fee and are paid directly to the State for a 5-year LTC.


All in all, with so many benefits the license to carry is totally worth getting. Texas License to Carry It will provide you with safety and protection.in addition to that, you will be able to protect your family from harm. So, if you want to become a gun owner then you should definitely get a Texas license to carry.

Is a license to carry still required in Texas?

No, Texas recognizes Constitutional / Permitless Carry. Given that having a Texas License to Carry affords many protections and much less restrictions.

Is there a difference between license to carry and concealed carry in Texas?

In a nutshell, LTC replaced the CHL so other then the name they are the same.

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