How to get Training for the Texas License to Carry Benefits

Getting a Texas License to Carry Benefits is as difficult as many people think. So the first thing that you need to do is to decide whether you want to get training for the license to carry. If you are going to get the license then you will have to undergo some training before you can carry a firearm.

Training Methods Texas License to Carry Benefits

Let me explain, the easiest way to obtain a license to carry in Texas is to get training for it. There are two options for getting training for the license to carry. The first option is to Texas License to Carry Benefits. Surely this is the simplest way to learn about the Texas LTC laws. The second option is to take in-person training. So you’ve to decide which method suits you.

Online training courses consist of four-hour video courses and each video is about 20 minutes long. You can take yourTexas License to Carry Benefits whenever you want and from the ease of your home. Furthermore, the online course is approved by the Department of Public Safety and is designed to prepare individuals for the shooting test.

So, it gives a big relief to the individual that he is getting the most accurate and approved concealed handgun license training in the online course. Moreover, it’s a very simple and easy-to-understand course for beginners. It primarily focuses on gun laws, carrying laws, and situation handling.

In fact, in the case of in-person training you’ve to visit an LTC instructor. It usually consists of 5-6 hours and it’s also a little bit expensive method as compared to online that’s why the online method is more preferable.


At the end of the training, there will be a quiz that you need to take in order to assess whether the training was successful. In other words, the quiz is compulsory whether you’ve taken it online or in-person training. In the quiz, there are 25 questions and you have to answer them.

Usually, the quiz is very easy and is a good guide for you if you have already taken the training. A certificate of completion for LTC-101 will be given to you after passing the quiz.

Shooting Test

Actually, to get theTexas License to Carry Benefitss, you will have to pass the shooting test. In fact, the training will include the safety rules of using a gun, basic skills like loading and unloading, and the ability to hit a target. There is a fee that must be paid before you take the training which is $40.

Basically, this fee covers the cost of the training, the gun, ammunition, and the range time. During the shooting test, you will fire 50 live rounds from three to fifteen yards away. Clearly, after passing the shooting test you will be awarded an LTC-101 certificate.

Application Form

After getting your shooting test certificate you’ve to fill out the (Department of Public Safety) DPS application online. Once you have filled out the application and given your fingerprints you need to submit the completed document to the Department of Public Safety website.

Your application must be approved by the department of public safety and this process takes around 8 weeks to approve. Obviously, the Department of Public Safety will mail you a Texas gun permit after Texas License to Carry Benefits application is processed and approved.

Conclusion – A Brief Look

Lastly, getting the training for a Texas license to carry is not difficult. If you want to get the training for a Texas license to carry, there are two options available right now online & in-person training. Moreover, the training in Texas License to Carry Benefits is updated every year and is based on the latest information with the Department of Public Safety’s requirements.

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