Do You Need A License To Conceal Carry In Texas?

Do You Need A License To Conceal Carry In Texas? Here Is What You Are Missing

In Texas, concealed carry is not regulated by the state, so no license is necessary. Any individual who meets the conditions of the permitless carry law in Texas may carry a hidden or open gun in the state without a license. Moreover, without a license, you are subject to several limitations that licensed carriers do not face.

Even if you can buy a handgun lawfully, it doesn’t give you the right to carry one openly. Who may and cannot carry in the state of Texas is subject to its regulations and limitations. Before you decide to carry a gun in Texas without a license, you should research the relevant legislation.

Conceal Carry In Texas:

Open and concealed handgun carry is legal in Texas for those with and without licenses. No matter how you carry it, the gun must be in a holster. For taking Texas concealed carry weapons, you must follow a different set of regulations than those with a carry license. When Texas approved unlicensed carry, it came with its limitations and penalties.

A license to carry removes many legal barriers to carrying a concealed weapon. Texas law allows concealed carry without a license. But, you’ll face restrictions without one, and you should consider getting a license. The license also includes other legal protections, such as trespass protection.

Finding your way through the maze of open and concealed carry restrictions and legislation in Texas is not simple. There have been many different names for the license to carry a gun. 

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Every state has a distinct name for the license to conceal and carry a weapon, which might be perplexing. Concealed and open carry are permitted in Texas, although both need a license. In Texas, the same license is valid for both open and concealed carry. It is known as the License to Carry a Handgun. Before 2017, open carry was not yet permitted; it was a concealed handgun license. The following are some of the abbreviations for Texas concealed carry:

  • LTC – License to Carry
  • CHL – Concealed Handgun License
  • CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon
  • CHP – Concealed Handgun Permit
  • CWL – Concealed Weapons License

There is just one abbreviation for Texas that you need to remember: LTC. It is the license you will apply for via the Regulatory Services Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Be aware of any company or person promoting a license that does not mention that it is a Texas License to Carry.

Training Requirement:

Texas has modified its training requirements for its License to Carry throughout the years. You may take the LTC course in either the classic in-person format or the alternative, which involves an online class with competency proof.

Online Class:

 In 2017, certified online course providers began offering the Texas License to Carry course online. The online LTC course still requires a minimum of 4 hours of study time, but rather than having to take it on the weekend with a large group of other students.

You may complete it in the student’s own time and from the comfort of their own home or a different convenient location.

You may terminate this online course in its whole or 20-minute video chunks using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. There is a short, 25-question quiz to take when the allotted time is over, and you will get your LTC-101 completion certificate.

To complete the competence demonstration, you must next bring the LTC-101 to any License to Carry instructor. It is where you’ll get your shooting qualification and learn the ranges. The Texas Driver’s Permit System shooting qualification typically takes between one and two hours of range time with an instructor.

Take advantage of this time with your LTC teacher to go over the content and ask any remaining questions you may have. Most institutions won’t spend more than the required time (usually one hour) unless necessary. One to two hours of actual time with the teacher is realistic.

In-Person Class:

The combined price of an online class and skills test is often more than that of a traditional in-person class. It is because doing so online offers a novel and handy benefits. Schedule 5-6 hours of your time for the typical in-person class, and it’s reasonable for some students who want to learn from a real person.

The online class was developed to provide a more accessible and flexible alternative. It’s still 4 hours long, but you can do it at your speed and from anywhere globally with the online carry class. Once the student has finished the online component, they should schedule a time to shoot with any LTC instructor.

Shooting Qualification:

Whether you took the class in person or online, you still need to pass the shooting qualification. From the 3-yard to the 15-yard lines, you have to fire 50 shots. It’s simple and a necessity for almost every job. To use a handgun safely, you don’t have to be a professional shooter.

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To get a Texas concealed carry license, you must meet the criteria set out by Texas law. Being a “shall-issue” state, Texas will not deny you a handgun license if you qualify, submit the requisite papers, and complete the training.

To qualify for a Texas concealed carry license, you must satisfy the following criteria:

•          You must be a citizen of Texas for six months or be a resident of another state who satisfies the unique conditions for a concealed carry permit.

•          You are not on the run from the law for any felony, misdemeanor (Class A or B), or disorderly conduct charges.

•          Your age should be at least 21 or 18 years old for active military.

•          Possess a fully functional brain and no addiction issues.

•          Knows how to keep and use a gun safely.

•          Meet all legal requirements to buy a gun


Applying For Texas Concealed Carry License:

Now you can register your license after passing the competence training (online or in person) and the live-fire section!

The following stuff is necessary for the application: The charge for receiving your license is $40, which includes your fingerprint ($10), your live-fire and proficiency test certificates, an LTC-6 form, two passport-style pictures, and a copy of your government-issued ID.

Time to Receive Your License: 

Your license will issue within 60 days after submitting your application, assuming delays in the paperwork’s processing along the way. If the state DPS discovers an issue with any of your papers, your application might delay for up to 180 days. It may take up to 2 months to arrive in the mail if your application approves, and if you requested a renewal, it might take up to 45 days.

Permit Duration and Renewal Policies: 

The holder’s handgun license is valid for four years and expires on the holder’s birthday after the fourth year. To renew a Texas concealed carry license, an existing holder must reapply for the license, pay the $40 renewal fee, and complete the LTC-85 (Release of Records) and LTC-86 (Application for Renewal) forms.